June 21st, 2006

Can't take the sky from me.

Rain rain go away.

Sure, the sun comes out AFTER I've driven to work.

Thanks to all who responded to yesterday's post(s). Many good thoughts.

I'm really not feeling up to working today.
So, I may be painting the bedroom Saturday. Anybody know a good way to do that efficiently? I've never painted a room before.... Current plan is 5ish buckets of pain. Rollers. Tarp. Attack.
Ok ok. I realize it's not that easy. Here's my real plan.
-Paint 3 in strip out from corner with angle/corner brush.
-Paint in medium sized squares with roller to avoid striping.
-Paint quickly.

Ceiling - must be done separately
-Paint three in strip out from corner as above.
-Paint in long stripes short ways across ceiling.
-Paint quickly.

Fox: We may need to sleep on the air matress. I'm going to start the moment I get up Saturday so there's more drying time.

Sidenote: Anyone actually like painting and want to help me out Saturday morning?

Stolen from labelle77's MySpace blog.
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Bored at life!

I saw the most silly.brilliant thing today. A woman at Epic, on the new campus, uses a yoga ball for her desk chair. I bet she has fantastic core muscles.

I'm bored. So bored I'm browsing YouTube while I eat my dinner.
Entertain me.

Dinner: home baked calzone with pepperoni, garlic scapes and andouille sausage.
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