June 19th, 2006

Can't take the sky from me.

Weekend misc.

Soggy Grapenuts = yuck.

This weekend could have been better. I spent most of it really depressed (from both internal adn external reasoning) and frustrated (by external goings-on). I don't see an alleviation to any of it forthcoming.

Supercool plus - I am donig well enough financially that I do not need to put off buying a rack and a pannier for my bike. I'll be doing that today after the gym then cycling to Target to get some bathroom stuff. Then I'll probably die somewhere before I get home from exhaustion and dehydration. If you see my perspiring corpse on the road, please be so kind as to bury me for mulch in the UW research garden. :)

Aetrix pointed out an interesting potentiality in my body. Fat people have more skin and, subsequently, more sweat glands. So, I may sweat so much because I still have fat man glands (I'm not fat, my glands are!). I wish my skin would kick it up a notch and regenerate faster. It is bugging me.

Fox gave me an hour-long body massage yesterday. I fell asleep while she worked my legs. It was really nice.

Also nifty ice cream last night with Leleth and Fox.

Edit: I have the bloody jingle for Madison Union Cabs stuck in my head. SHOOT ME PLZ!
"call two-four-two two thousand. two-four-two two thousand.
Two! Four! Two! Two thousand! Union caaaAAAaab"
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Cthulhu Joyce

To explode or not to explode.

So it seems we scheduled the house warming party the same day as Rhythm and Booms (July 1st). We are considering rescheduling but I'd like a general idea of who would go to the fireworks versus the party were the date to remain unchanged.

Blast vs. blast

I'd go to the fireworks because blowing shit up is American tradition!
I prefer lots of booze, DDR (etc.) and your cats, ABM. CATS!

Personally, I don't care much for crowds that size and explosions (thus the scheduling snafu). We're going to catch the Elver Park show from our back yard. :)
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