June 7th, 2006

Cthulhu Joyce


Morning All! I'd like a role call for the move this Saturday (June 10th). If (and only if) you are coming to help us move, fill out the first two questions. It's easier to read a bunch of "yes" answers for people rather than "yes" and "no."

Reasoning: I want to get an idea of crew size and available space for moving stuff. This will make it easier to organize everything for the move as well as buy booze-ohol and pizza.

Question three is for anyone. You know, cuz no one can resist an entire poll.

RE: Pizza. We will figure out dietary requirments later when we're all together. I know some of you are lactose intolerant and/or meat-selective eaters. For those of yuo that don't eat piza or beer at all (what the hell is wrong with you?) you get the reward of my sweaty, wife-beater wearing company, k?

Poll #743544 Role Call

Are you coming to help me move?


What sort of vehicle do you have?

Car (2Door/hatch back)
Car (4 door)
Station wagon
Truck (with cap)
Truck (w/o cap or I'll have it removed by Saturday)

This is to placate everyone else. :)

In excellent news, the apartment finally feels like we're moving. Things are empty. All that's left hidden are dishes. I'm thinknig one last trip t the house to empty some bins and we'll be good for Saturday.

In terrible news, I watched 1.25 hours of the Doom movie last night. Why the hell wasn't tis one giant homage to the game??? So terrible. The only nifty game-related ting I picked out was the pistol gun shot was idential to Doom 1. The BFG even sounded different, wasn't green, and wasn't a funny boxy shape.

Edit: if you need directions to the apartment, my cell number and/or directions to the new place, email me. wringland (at) gmail (dot) com.
Cthulhu Joyce

Arty McArterton

going through art withdrawal or something. Feeling the desire badly but haven't the time are batteries for the camera. Whipped this up before bed.

Hooray for simple LJ headers?
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