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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
I love NPR so much. It keeps me smart. Days like today, though, it doesn't make me smart; it shuts my brain down. Today, John Musgrave (in for Joy Cardine) had on Maggie Gallagher, president, Institute for Marriage and Public Policy Nationally syndicated columnist. Co-author, "The Case for Marriage: Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier, and Better Off Financially." The debate: the current senate debate of a Federal (FEDERAL) ban on same sex marriage.

Ms. Maggie's emphasis for the first half of the show is that marriage is about reproduction. Essentially, marriage exists to create and raise children, which is why it has been social defined and should be politically defined as exclusive to opposite sex couples. And because marriage is about reproduction, it isn't bigotry; it's OK to ban same-sex marriage because gay people can't have babies. Does anyone else take issue with this emphasis and eschewing of bigotry? How is it NOT bigotry?

Well, were we to follow the definition of bigotry, it isn't.
From Wikipedia: "A bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from their own." Lest my arguement die here, I shall note that Ms. Maggie is function off of social definitions; thus, we transform bigotry from denotive to connatative, which is more akin to discrimination.

Also from Wikipedia: "To discriminate socially is to make a distinction between people on the basis of class or category without regard to individual merit." I think this is how we define social bigotry whereas the previous is a personal bigotry, which I do not believe applies to a societal debate.

We return to the original question: how is this not social bigotry? How is defining marriage around procreation not exclusive or motivated by exlusive thinking? Further, why are sterile men and women or senior citizens allowed to marry? They can't have children yet we allow it. Further, why is it ok for heterosexual couples to hop from marriage to marriage creating more children in lieu of raising their own?

There are so many problems with marriage in America and NONE of them will be solved by disallowing homosexual marriage. Suddenly hetero couples are supposed to realize, "Oh thank God the gays can't be married. Now I can settle down and raise my 64 children in 30 different states with 50 different women. Praise Jersus!" Needless to say, I doubt this will be the case.

It irritates me so much. I fail to see why tis is an issue. Isn't marriage suppoosed to be about love? Even the vows people take are to love, honor [and obey] not to love, honor and make an army of babies. You know who wrote the original wedding vows? Henry VIII who had such a great track record with marrriage. (Traditional Church of England ceremony)

Clearly the real problem with marriage is old people. Those slutty beasties are ruining it for everyone. Down with granny sex! Down with granny sex!
In other news, I drove by the Chipotle on Old Sauk/Excelsior. Now I shall crave burrito until lunch. Mmm... lime cilantro rice.

More packing last night. The apartment is a sty. It drives me crazy especially since I can't do anything about it.

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Poll #742926 Praise Jesus!

Holy crap! Day of the beast!

Can I get some of that THC?

Holy crap! Are you religious on the Day of the Beast?

Just in case
I am Battle Pope.
Can I get some of that THC?

Holy crap! 6.6.6.

I'm not superstitious.
Yeah, it's just a birthmark. So what?
I, for one, embrace our new satanic overlords.
Can I get some of that THC?

Holy crap! Is the beast among us?

Can I get some of that THC?

Holy crap!

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Hooray for early breaks! I shall avoid crowds valiantly!
Mmm... 'potle.

I'm sure you all care so dearly.

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Bitching 'bout codingCollapse )

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