May 30th, 2006

I died so many years ago.

I am Jack's aching lungs.

I just made it from my first cycle commute to work from the new place.
I'm going to die now. Send well-wishes and money to lady_fox.

Still the first person here though. :)
And I forgot a fucking towel....
K.. Caught breath mostly.
Route: Park Ridge Dr to Gammon Lane to Schroeder Ave to Whitney Way.
Gammon is up hill from the house and the first leg of schroeder is as well. However, 75% of Schroeder is a nice incline down. I think I hit about 30 MPH (hooray for topping out gears) before I had to stop at the Beltline/Whitney intersection. From there things went to shit as I forgot to downshift before stopping and had to struggle through the intersection and up the small hill of Whitney.

It hit my second wind as I had to cross four lanes of traffic to get into the Westgate mall parking lot. Hurray for adrenaline.

I hurt but this is the most well earned exercise I've ever had. I'm so not using the treadmill at the gym today.
Now, to change into clean clothes.
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Oh.. so that's post-aerobic euphoria....

Ok, the incredible hunger I could do without. Silly me packing a single sam'ich for lunch which I ate at 10:30.
Still huingry.

{insert your journal's mood override}: hungry
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