April 23rd, 2006


Don't let it bleed.

Inferno. Inferno inferno inferno. Huzzah for Inferno.

I went to the Inferno tonight; there was a play piercing performance facilitated by a piercing studio in Milwaukee whose name I copmletely forgot.. even though I have their card sitting somewhere in my apartment right now. In fact, I also met with graydancer with no bad things happening to him along the way. (Perchance I am not bad luck for him.) Sadly, sculplady wasn't there; well, not sad in an actual sad way. Sad in the "I really enjoy looking at her" lustful coyote way. Exceedingly pretty woman - alas she doesn't do well with piercing play, according to Gray.

It was a good night. I got there around 10pm after spending the evening on the Square wandering about, taking pictures. I learned that the Capitol Times is in favor of horse meat, which I'll show you eventually. I got to Inferno before anyone had really gotten there. It was mostly dead save the hobo in the parking lot that tried to steal my hat.

I danced for a good hour before Gray arrived and the piercer started setting up. The show began at 11:30 and didn't end until just before closing - am. I could expound on the show, the 450 needles used (yes, 450) but that wasn't what I really watched. It was beautiful, mind, but I spent over an hour of the show contemplating the nature of submission in this context.

The guy doing the piercing was clearly a Dom. He had a slave girl beside him clutching a can of Red Bull. Not sure form whom the can was but she didn't move an inch for the first half of the show. However, the man was clearly not doing a domination scene with the man getting pierced. Their dynamic was lacking in that energy play. Rather I think it was just about piercing and pain play. The piercee (*I don't want to use "sub") was clearly in a good pain. Each spike made him wince, especially the ones in his nose and the one almost thruogh his cheek. However, as I watched, I could see the waves of endorphines and the masochistic satisfaction the piercee received after each spike was in place. Remarkable.

Entranced. I sat there for that hour and a half before I had to pull up a chair. I couldn't turn away, not that i wanted to. I was rather surprised that I wasn't more creeped out by it. But it was just fascinating. I really wanted to talk to the piercee afterwards but he was talking with Mistress Jade and Marla and the rest of the crew that were helping the scene. Plus, I'm a wuss - plain and simple. Regardless, it was astounding.

Otherwise, I flirted with a few people very poorly and got groped by an intensely attractive girl who was a little drunk and trying to read my shirt. (It says, "By reading this shirt you have given me brief control of your mind.") Another girl was there from Milwaukee and sadly wished many of her friends were there to see the show. I agreed. I know a bunch of people that would have loved it.

I also ran into Talia from Beloit. She graduated in '02 I think, could be wrong. She seemed to recognized me and I kind of ignored her; I was intent on getting to the front of the crowd at that point. Though, damn she is still attractive. Hormones. Fucking hormones.

That is the worst part about Inferno. I get so revved up by the attractive men and women, the dancing and the alcohol that I really, really want so good, hard lovin'. Alas, I am alone right now. These last three weeks have been significantly sexually frustrating. Fox gone every night and Aetrix and I hitting a rough patch.

I hate that I get this way now, so full of lust. I begin wishing I had another partner, someone to call on these empty nights. But then I feel guilty because I shouldn't be so sexual, so lustful; objectifying someone like that isn't right. Then there's the louder, slightly rational piece that says, "So the fuck what? If she's aware that it is mostly about sex, who cares?" Damn it for being right and me being unsure how to satisfy it. Blah.

I'm going to go eat the pizza I cooked (yay for getting an extra one on Thursday) then deal with this... undersexed issue best I can. Grumble grumble.

Oh, and thanks again for the drink, graydancer. Your ticket bought me a screwdriver. :)