April 18th, 2006

Cthulhu Joyce

Absence makes the heart go yonder.

A Good Thing that I did yesterday: Rope Weekly frappr map.
Otherwise my foreboding sense of the day was far too accurate. Bad Things abound. Going to curl up and disappear into a book tonight.

At least I haven't muscle pain today that isn't gym inflicted. That's a start.

I found this very old picture yesterday:

It was on my work computer and I DON'T KNOW HOW!
Cthulhu Joyce

Bullets for the win.

  1. Not making lunch 'cuz you slept is a bad thing.
  2. Rocky Rococo is NOT a good idea even when in a bad mood.
  3. I passed all my projects and tests; I got the bset score on the one I was worried about.
  4. Rocky Rococo is really NOT a good idea ever.
  5. EVAR
  6. Due dates, apparently, only matter when projects show up before the dates.
  7. Joshua Bolton reads GQ; the "shake up" is the first thing you're supposed to do when your the new boss. Gets you respect!
  8. Nudity doesn't buy you respect.
  9. Eil Lilly is jerks but you should buy stock before Thursday. They're first quarter report will be published; they're gonna see big increases in the next year for Raloxifene.