February 1st, 2006

Cthulhu Joyce

Music to your ears

Your senator needs an iPod. No no, s/he really does. Alaskan Senator Stevens recently switched (flip-flopped) to oppose restrictive legislation for broadcast (TV) and audio (mp3s). Here's the quick version: The Broadcast Flag and Audio Flag would require technology manufactures to build DRM into their units, say TiVo. When a specific signal is detected, the TiVo would be unable to record the show. You also would be unable to burn the show to DVD or even transfer the file between computers/TiVo sets.

It wasn't until after his Daughter bought him an iPod that Senator Stevens rallied against the MPAA/RIAA proposal. These proposals were unanimously turned down. Send your senator an iPod!
Your Senator Needs an iPod

I'm amused.

Huun Hur Tu last night was FUCKING SPECTACULAR. Wow. The music was thick with meaning, hauntingly familiar and resonated with years of history. I teared up a little after two of them. I felt their longing, their love for their culture. It was uplifting and melancholy. I mean, their culture was scattered across Asia and Europe when the USSR dissolved. Art like this is essentially lost these days when the culture disappears.

Today is pay day. I think iTunes will be getting some money from me tonight.

Absolutely amazing.

PS: Oscar Nominations
Brokeback Mountain has 8 nominations. I'd say it should win best picture, but there wasn't any pudding.
And if you get that joke, you rock.
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