December 5th, 2005

Cthulhu Joyce

Weekend teaser

    For the average American, the average sex act contains only 3.9 minutes of vaginal penetration - coitus.
  1. I am doing my part to raise the bar, so to speak.
  2. My weekend was wonderful.

    These two statements may be related, but not nearly as directly as one might imagine.
    There was a Moment, you see.
    compersion is laughing when you get smacked in the head during a midsleep stretch.
    I can home Sunday to potentially the greatest thing ever. Fox had cooked all weekend. She made beef stew, eggnog and honey butter.
    Amazing, amazing woman. I'm very excited for lunch today.
    And I forgot the corn bread. Why haven't I eaten my own cornbread yet?

    I am an incredibly lucky man. Even luckier than Marilyn Manson who just got married.
    SNAFU - Katamari comic. Just silly.
    And if you complain one small,
    you meet a ahmy of meeeeee.
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Cthulhu Joyce

(Not Responding)

Windows reaches a new low.

A program that is working just fine has the (Not Reponding) tag on the task bar.
You Suck, Windows. Or alternately:
You Suck Windows.

OS X on intel is so close.
Rosetta for the faint of heart.
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