September 10th, 2005

Cthulhu Joyce

Good lord

One last word on the vacation:
after a week of raucous food consumption, my "tight" pants are noticeably too big.

I trust this problem will be remedied by a swift cycle in the dryer.
Did gym today. Good 20 minutes on the speedbag. I'm far faster than I remember.
I worked on grip and power shots with my kali stick. My knuckles are pleading with me to stop typing. The bastards can suffer. I think the reason that my kali instructor in Beloit looked so good when idly swinging the stick is because he had an iron grip adn flitted the weapon around carefree. It was both liquid and strong. I am fluid with my attacks, effortlessly combining strikes, but I haven't nearly enough power (as I would like). My forearm is weak and my shoulders tight. These shall be a new foci next week.

I've further decided to try some of the classes my gym offers with membership, some piltaes and yoga. I haven't decided if I'll try the boxing or body pump classes. The former would cut into my already short opportunity for personal time with the bags and the latter may be impossible with one hand as it uses barbells. I suppose I could use free weights, but I am quite worried about asymetrical muscular development.

Other good things happened last night but I'm not ready to write about them just yet. Such things should be savored in solitude for a time.


32 slots remain.
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