August 29th, 2005

Cthulhu Joyce

Caring for the patient with piercings

Looking up further and general care (I'm essentially looking to see if Blue Lotus agrees with most everyone else or vice versa) instructions for my eyebrow, I found this amusing article. By amusing, I mean reading a clinical description of why people get piercings is odd. Most people have these reasons internalized and may not necessarily be able to give you this many answers. Plus, I picture a sixty year-old nurse with a dozen piercings writing this, which I find quite funny.

I hope I never need an MRI. And I doubt I'll ever get a genital piercing (article from J. Advanced Nursing).
Huh... sneezing tugs on my piercing in somewhat uncomfortable manner... as does smiling excessively and winking (two things I do suprisingly frequently at work).
I'm glad I didn't get it in my right eyebrow as raising that eyebrow would be difficult. And if lose the ability to do that, what have I left?
Is it weird that I really dislike the term "vast majority?" What? Like a majority can be a teeny fraction?

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Katina downgraded to category 3.
Thank god for small miracles... the eye of the storm moved east leaving the west winds to hit most of the city. Still terrible, but it could be even worse than it is had the north winds hit it. :|
Flickr images tagged with "hurricane" - not necessarily Katrina, but an interesting resource.
Huzzah! New Orleans not directly hit. Katrina continues to vear east away from the city.
On a tangentially related note: screw you, nature! :þ