August 4th, 2005

Cthulhu Joyce

So fucked

Life Decisions International is boycotting Epic.
LDI is a group dedicated to stamping out Planned Parenthood - fyi.
At least the Iowa Pharmacy Association is dealing with religious objection to prescriptions sort of.
A radical group in Wisconsin is setting goals to completely ban contraception in the state and eventually the nation.

So why don't radicals on the pro-contraception side start bombing these places? All this crap is getting pushed through since abortion clinics started being bombed.
In lighter news: Someone (amazing) MST3K'ed Jack Chick's Dark Dungeons.
Cthulhu Joyce

More on birth control in WI

A good link:
Keep an eye in Wisconsin contraception legislation.
There are bills up for vote next month that would allow doctors to deny treatment to expectant mothers is said treatment could harm the baby and legislation that would allow pharmacists to deny filling birth control if they believe said birth control causes abortions regardless of scientific fact.

From the first bill:
Under the Patient Abandonment Bill, health
care workers, hospitals and health care providers can refuse to provide
services, information or referrals on a variety of issues including prescribing
birth control, infertility treatments, stem cell therapies and end-of-life
care,even if the refusal harms or kills a patient.

From the second:
...a pharmacist would be allowed to refuse to fill birth control
prescriptions, if he or she believes the medication would cause
an abortion.