July 15th, 2005

Cthulhu Joyce


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I was tagged by crescent_gaia for this meme.
It's kinda neat.
    Justify your geekiness!
    List five (5) reasons why you are a geek (dork, nerd, etc). They had better be good and well justified.  Then pick five people and out them.
  1. I work for a software company in which we debate the erlevence of Star Wars and George Lucas.
  2. I celebrate Wintereenmas, and if you don't know what this is you better go figure it out.
  3. I'm the king of epic Exalted plot. Just ask fynixsoul, lady_fox,dragonflyknight,kaylithin, and darkskywatcher.
  4. I think the above quotes indicate that I post way too much. If not a "typical" geek, I'm certainly an LJ Fiend which may be a subdivision within general geekdom.
  5. I just purchased the entire Monty Python's Flying Circus which means that I have only two more movies to buy before I have all of their tv/movie media. MMmmm... Mangeblanc.... I &hearts tennis-playing aliens.
  6. One more for good measure: Toast Demon

Go here and tell me about how you define "geek" and "geekiness."
I've changed my mind. I'll tag people my college friends don't know.

My geekdom has lessened significantly sice graduating, obviously.  I haven't gamed much. I've not had many really geeky game conversations, save the ones at NEGLECt, sadly I wasn't really playing at that con. I've not done anything I consider really geeky in quite some time. I've been transitioning into an artist instead among other completely new roles in my life. I think it's a symptom of growing up. I can't see myself being like I was in college, not that I was especially gekk-tastic.
Oh, point seven: I'm going to Barnes and Nobles' Harry Potter kick-off party tonight. This has to weigh, certainly. Anyone want to go with tonight to protect me from scary fans?

Now, I'm not tagging anyone because I think they've all been tagged. Plus, I don't think the majority of people on my list are really geeks.

What is this transitoning thing? Why have I lost my geekish leanings? Clearly I need to be spending more time with gamers and in comic book stores.

Cthulhu Joyce

Bloggy Potter

It's mad. MAD I tell you. The sheer fact gthat I'm at BnN right now is utterly insane. THere are so many fucking people. Cluster fuck. I'm literally sitting underneath a table to be close enough to the wireless connection in this place but so I won't be tread upon. There are no chairs. My meat space is being invaded because of the children.

Oh God, won't some one please think of the children.

JK Rowling is going to make so much money tonight.
Cthulhu Joyce

(no subject)

He. found a chair. This makes me king. The woman next to me looks annoyed that I'm encroaching, unrest from the natives. She has been here hours. I can tell from the waste. Magazines strew about her, spines broken. It is horrible. Carnage, dead coffee drinks everywhere.

Ok, not that bad but her magazine stack goes from the arm of the chair to her neck.

Wow. I'm sweating from all the people around me. By the way, I'll be posting like crazy over the next few hours. I'll switch to phone posts when I'm in line. I don't want to drop the tablet while trying to write. Plus that would preclude legibility.

I'm beginning to wonder if there is some protocol i'm missing that I'll not be able to attain my goal. If I do not walk out of here with a book, I shall explode. Clearly the frenzy is hitting me. And I'd just like to say I'm very, very pleased to be blogging this as I go.

Gods, you can feel it. The children are excited but the old man who has been here, mainlining espresso for 6 hours is really jonsing. He needs his Potter fix worse than these kids. The children haven't been swallowed by life, just to be spit out. Man, his dreams are in this.

Cthulhu Joyce

(no subject)

I spent the last hour standing outside. I was nearly denied my book for I did not follow protocol. See, I went through the coffee shop door which had no "go here" sign saying I had to be tagged, strip searched adn generally poked, prodded adn molested in order to earn my keep.

However, I have subsequently garnered followers. alaman, lerite, and lex_of_green are here hoping to glom onto my number. I'm 797 for I have a reservation. Lex, on the other hand, is nuts adn wants to "just get a coopy" tonight.

She is the greater fan, me thinks.
Cthulhu Joyce

(no subject)

THe person by me is cyncal, unhappy, chunky. THis suits her.

14 minutes. I'm supposed to be thrilled. I can't even tell you the colors of the houses.

Uh, Slytherin is green and silver.

One of themm has purple.

I'm being stepped on as I'm now sitting near the bargain books within the Queue (Of Doom&trade). So many people are sitting in graduation gowns and gold/maroon scarves (Gryffindor). I have been hit by a purse.

And now I've been hit by a skirt.

Lex is diong a tarot reading on Alaman Have to Stand now The people are freaking out nor. I ray get trampled, Switching to phone
Cthulhu Joyce

Phone Post:

125K 0:37
“I think I should say, the sheer amount of people here is quite astounding. I mean, I've never seen a bookstore so packed. It's...pretty nuts. The fact that I'm just sitting around books is making me want to purchase more and more 'cause you know I'm a horribly amazing consumer. I have yet to see any...anybody I know specifically. There's lots of people that seems like I know them from work. I know Paul is around here somewhere. He may have been the guy I saw in Coridalia(?) and weasely jersey carrying a..ah...broom around. It's really intense.”

Transcribed by: nathan_lounge