July 6th, 2005

Cthulhu Joyce

On getting older

Notes on my birthday:

Drunken women and fireworks make for excellent entertainment.
Pizza? Chinese food? Order both when conflicted because Low Mein on your pepperoni is a match made in heaven.
- Creepy delivery guys will plunder your apartment complex though.
Alcohol makes everyone funny.
- Katamary Damacy is EVEN BETTER while drunk.
Getting three phone calls from your SO's family is great.
Getting one phone call from only one biological parent is lame.
Even on my birthday I couldn't splurge on a DVD burner. :|
You can never have too many people in a one bedroom apartment with loud music and a metric fuck tonne of food.
Unsweetened coconut milk makes less exciting Pina Coladas.
Never live near a place that delivers ice cream.
Don't try gymnastics while drunk.

So... My girlfriend violated international law for my birthday present. Has yours?