June 21st, 2005

Cthulhu Joyce


yay! My tablet was in Indianapolis at 3am today!

If it doesn't show today, I shall be very sad. Sad like dead puppies.

Zugcast - some things shouldn't be made.

Ha! Sex and the female mind Research warns women away from faking. The part of the brain that registers fear and anxiety shuts off in women during orgasm (big surprise). What's really funny is the machine to monitor this can only meansure responses that last more than a minute, thus this research can never be done on men.

Sucks for us.

EXTRA!! EXTRA! Read all about it, Saddam hates Froot Loops

Gellar to Play Alice in adaptaion of American McGee's Alice
Cthulhu Joyce

I'm going to hell... even though Jews don't believe in it.

No tablet today. Apparently it was held at Indianapolis. WQHy? Wish I knew, given that Indianapolis is 6 hours away and it got in tere at 3am. Jerks. I've never had a package delivered quickly with fedex.

BOO FedEx!
Yay New T-shirt!
I begin to wonder. Can I get so offensive that I offend myself? I have to cut this one.
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I debate putting this in communities.
PS: The Jesus shirt was a hit at NEGLECt.