May 9th, 2005

Go To GUY!!!  Bahna-na-naaaah

The Real Slim Shady

Today totally went remarkably well. Like "Like, OMG!!" good. I was figuratively buzzing about all happy-like by the time I got home. I may have sung along with my radio, but you can't prove it.

The day started poorly. I forgot my lunch and didn't have time to shower. I felt really stinky most of the day. I finally remembered to bring in cereal to work (we get free milk) but we were out of (free) milk. Dry cereal kinda sucks when any other day it wuold have been all milk-y. That was pretty much the end to all the badness though.

Work went as expected. I continue to bail people out, for I am Mr. GO-TO-GUY (bah-nan-na-naaaah)! This time I bailed out my team lead who was unable to finish his work. I took over to stupidly complex logs, one of which I was working on for the four hours I wasn't in integrated testing sessions. I'm hoping that ittle things like this get me a nummy raise next cycle.. I think it's in September or October. I'm not counting on that though.

I'm feeling useful which is great for boosting one's self esteem. Furthermore, I found that a team mate adn I share identical feelings about the Hoarder. She is a semi-hoarder, but sees what a nut job tis other guy is. She's wasjed her hands of him as well. I feel less guilty now. I'm just waiting for him to ask for help tomorrow or Wednesday (out deadline is Thursday, 8am. He'll say "I own you one" at which point I'll remind him he owes me two for another og he forget to test when he went to Jersey for a testing trip. Slowly, I shall own this man, for I am Mr. GO-TO-GUY (bah-nan-na-naaaah)! Oh and Loaf of chili from Atlanta Bread Company is good for what ails ya.

At the gym, I felt unstopable. I did my normal treadmill job, 2.33 miles. It's a uphill setting so I jump between 5 adn 8% grade. Pretty tough normally, but today I hardly broke a sweat. I felt so un-tired afterward that I ran (5mph) an extra mile afterward. Actually, I attribute it to my "normal" eating pattern. I couldn't maintain the complete lack of food I was getting with 4-5 meaks per day. So I'm back on three a day getting about 1500 or so calries. Good lord does tat make a huge difference. I feel less starved and crappy. Furthermore, I seem to have smashed throgh the plateau I hit at 192 and am now weighing in at 188.5, for I am Mr. GO-TO-GUY (bah-nan-na-naaaah)! Well, that doesn't really fit there. I'm guessing that I was indeed starving myself before... or I've just started digesting muscle.

Regardless, that was excellent. Though the euphoria brought me to Wesfield Comics where I bought three more Cerebus books because I blazed through the last three I bought this weekend. So home became more Beast Wars wathing which I &hearts good and left over rice from Happy Wok. Then the Electra project and this silly picture came afterward. Very cool stuff. 'Course now, I have to go to bed and have been mucking about with all this stuff that I haven't had readin' time. Damn.

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