April 30th, 2005

Cthulhu Joyce

A sigh of relief.

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In the continuing struggle for useful sleep, Fox and I are venturing to find a bed. I guess Slumberland here in Madison is having a sale on mattress sets. We're hoping to find something that will fit us both while we gather the resources to buy-ify a sleep number bed. Sadly, this means dipping into my Camera fund, but it's something I need to do for both our well-being. I may be able to recover. I'm going to convince my TL to let me certify in something in July, which means a bonus of some sort. That could put me back where I want to be.

The Epic anniversary dinner was excellent last night. Fox and I ran into my mentor Shaun (my mentor) and his girlfriend Wendy. It was great. Though we sat at a table with 4 Russians who ignored the banquet etiquette and got food out of line, didn't talk to us and spoke only in russian to each other. Not cool. Regardless, the four of us joked and chatted and generally had a not-awkward good time.

The food was marvelous. Portabello wellington, which is portabello mushrooms with some sort of swiss cheese in puff pastry dough. Oh god... so good. There was also beef and turkey and yummy veggies. The wheeled what looked to be an entire cow butt out to be carved when I got up there. It was a massive pile of beef. Fairly wel cooked adn delicious with the horseradish mashed potatoes. They also served chocolate dipped strawberries adn shortcake the whole night, also excellent.

What was most surprising is that it wasn't boring.. well, except for the weird variety show that a husband and wife team did. Speeches were timely adn on topic, even our CEO didn't meander in her speech - first I've ever seen.

Actually, I take that back. What was the most astounding thing was the parking lot afterward. People didn't drive like jerks. The each took their turn. Every row alternated who moved in and out. Everyone was let in promptly and let some one else in promptly. It was as if we were a hive mind. Everybody just knew how we were going to play it and it happened. Crazy.

S'all good. I'm glad the week is finally over. We get to meet smed tomorrow. We're finally going to Mt. Horeb today (it's their yearly, all town garage sale). And I might get some disc golf today. Not sure how nice it is yet. I'm chilly, but I am only wearing boxers and a t-shirt.
Cthulhu Joyce

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Results of bed shopping:

Miraculously, we found an extremely comfortable mattress set for half price at Slumberland's clearance section. It is squishy and not bouncy and the right size. And it cost $448 for the whole thing. We also found a four poster + canopy bed frame. We get to put up our Moroccan bedroom curtains again! Yay!

Dutifully, we bought a gorgeous, satin comforter and pillow cases and 500 count cotton sheets. Our bed, come Thursday, will be so luxurious. Awesome. And a great deal, all told. Totally worth dipping into my camera fund.

Weekend plans:
If smed comes down (over, by up?) is in the air. Poor girl's life puzzle has change it's picture, and must be rebuilt. Fox and I are sending good vibes your way adn trying to find the piece off with which that racoon ran. :(

We're also sending "we're gonna school you when we bowl" vibes, just to inure you to the whole traumatic experience.

Serouisly, we'll be here if you need us.


I think that the level of enjoyment plotted against familiarity with the book series are inversely related. As a book adaptation, it's a horrific failure. As just a weird, quirky British humor movie, it's pretty funny. I did like it, but I noted all the glaring holes where the best jokes were removed and patched with twists Classic Hollywod Paradign tripe. Regardless, I did like it even if the atcing was spotty at best... Well, Arthur was perfect and Zaphod's acting was as I pictured it - even if the character was raped by a yeti in the script.

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