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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
Me = sad.

Bush is Time's person of the year.
Most effect on the world. Sad but true.

Ten Gallon Hat politics....

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I keep getting phone calls from people in KS and MO. Unless random LJ people have found my phone number, I know not who these people are.

Is it so hard to leave a voice mail?

EDIT: I AM THE KING! I just figured out an elusive issue that my QA team has been having for months but couldn't reproduce! Take that crazy, stupid bug. In your fucking eye!

EDIT2: 2 seconds later, I'm part of a group of Team Leads that are being requested for a usability meeting. I am Teh Winnar. Fuck yea. Good way to end the day.
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My first major iteration of Billy was a biker dude. He was, really, the only non-bubling character in the entire game (with the exception of the PCs and the Big Bad). Billy at this time was an reknown five Ahroun, only 15 years into being a Get of Fenris. For those of you that don't speak geek, that's an ultra famous, Uber badass City dwelling killer.

He had no pack, mostly because he didn't need one. He enjoyed beating up on Vampires for sport and 9in the game that my players missed) beat the shit out of a Bane Mummy with two amulets of Bull Strength (that's geek for stupidly badass, evil guy that really didn't want to stay dead). Then he took down a Setite Brothel, into which my players unleashed him. Maryam was kind enough that game to say "Let's Take Billy With Us" to solidify the whole experience.

The next, and most recent, iteration on Billy was in my Exalted game. He showed in one game, but my players never asked his name. He was the really whiney and sulky Ethereal that made the gateway to the underworld. His name was William, Ra'al of Oruk, who simply went by Ra'al Oruk. Too bad, but the game didn't finish any way. 'Course now I'm going to get pestered 'bout it.

The following are the last three LTBWU comics I made in the Dark Ages. Contained herein is also the first appearance of Angrybunnyman, cigar and all, in strip 6. In the 5 strip, I started to understand perspective AS WELL as making fun of that fucking terrible boy band, LFO (Abercrombie girl - was that their song?). Yeah.

I posted these comics in my msn community, which I thought had an audience. If it did, they were horney adults and 20 somethings that stalked the forums of Chat Chicago (no number, 1-10 were where the losers hung out). Some of those people were cool, but none of them cared about some sixteen years old that couldn't draw. So, I gave up when no one gave a damn. I think i mentioned in hermitgeecko's journal that o thrive on feedback, probably more than I should. Back then, when I had no friends and was getting ready for college it was worse (some of you are shuddering now). It probably didn't help that much of the attention I got from these people was thinly veiled sexual innuendo.

The community died from disuse as MSN deletes unused communities now. THough, apparently, I saved much of the content (I even found the original opening stream-of-consciousness with links. That little beasty, not especially good, got turned into a "Fuck You Rick" poem in college. Turned in simply because it was 5.5 pages double spaced (but I didn't double space it) and hard tofollow. I hated that professor. He was no Billy.

This, however, is.Collapse )

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Electra enjoys watching snow.Collapse )

Frumpy Lumplekinses.Collapse )

Poe under the sheets.Collapse )

Also: Cathulhu.

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