December 7th, 2004

Cthulhu Joyce


The substantive expulsion,
a feared and energetic glob of thought,
is what we all need in certain times.
I haven't this. i am picture
and flights of fancy that all fall,
forever fall, into the morass of cliche.
Never to return words of insight.

I am the light bringer, illumination
of blank faces and idols broken in two.
the digger of gravity
and the foresight that relinquishes pain
for the masses - marrow of life.

I hate that.
I am unable.
Live for a moment-
I'll steal your seconds
and purge my time
by throwing you into a quagmire of lost days.

It is the only recourse
for the elitist himself shunning.

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Cthulhu Joyce


Flobongo: Take a flamingo, put a hole in it. Fill it with booze.
Flobongoing: Drink.

You will do this friday. You will get daid and nathan_lounge to do it. You will take and post pictures. And I will love it.
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