November 11th, 2004

Cthulhu Joyce

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Weekend News:
I demand much DDR this weekend!
And because I own three versions of the game IT SHALL BE SO!

Work News:
I think I broke the system hard. I may have broken the entire database. That might be a bad thing.

Art News:
I must create something. The vibe tastes like painting and I'm not sure how to do that. Hm...

Minor News(hyperbole):
Current weight is 195. Lowest I have been, eveer. (excepting childhood, but only a little bit of it.)
Tis exciting but I'm still pudgy. WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO GET RID IF MY BELLY???

Zealot News:

Stupid News:
Hmm. didn't work.

EDIT: Tim Morrisy (No clue how to spell it, he's the news guy on 1670) Is the surliest news radio anchor known to man. I freakin' love him.
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