September 23rd, 2004

Cthulhu Joyce

The unveiling.

Well, I suppose I should tell you all what was up with the last two months of posts.

I decided that I write considerably better and more consistently when I have an audience. i wanted to write another book of poetry and post the whole thing online for you guys. The idea was originally to publish the book as a journal with comments and all. Well, as seems to be case with my journal (I'm not upset) I don't get many comments. So, with the advent of "Infonography" I changed the idea around. Now, it'll just be a boring ol' book of poems. :)

You guys just watched the raw creative process. Kudos. Now begins the editing process which is less interesting and really has little place on Live Journal.

My next creative endeavor, already in process, will be different. Clint McCown always said that writers are just that: writers. It's rare that a writer will exclusively write in one medium. I generally prefer poetry, but occasionally pop off a short story or two - or in the case of my senior year a bunch of comicbooks for the easiest credit ever known to mankind. My new project (my vaguenes is intentional) shall be up and going in a few weeks -barring any unforeseen logistical errors.

I remain vague because I need the steam. Much like not telling you that I was writing a book, I actually followed through. What's more, it was easy!! I had no problems writing a poem or two (or three on some days) in a day when you guys weren't expecting it - well sort of really. Thusly, you get to remain in the dark for a while yet whilst the man behind the curtain works. I apologize profusely, such efflence falling thickly of sarcasm (mind you). It's better for my creative process if I can sense your anticipation (please don't kill that illusion ;p).

Thank you to those that read and commented. They helped me keep going. Thanks especially to those of you that directly inspired some of the poems.( lex_of_green, madolan, graye, lady_fox in particular spawned quite a few. Special thanks to lady_fox for not telling anyone else even when she wanted to. :)

Hmm.. seems I've already gotten back into the "long winded" posting category into which I often fall. Ah well. Sucks for all of you!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blogging.
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Cthulhu Joyce

No.... I'm Doctor Thompson

Yeah. I'm a freak. It just gets worse and worse as time goes on.

You wanna know what makes it funnier? I'm going to wear that shirt to work tomorrow. It's no mohawk, but pretty crazy.
The extender needs a replacement mouth piece because this one was broken when I got it. Laaaame. But you know, it's cool. Nights out... lotsa black. My red hat, red coat and crazy commie cigarette case. I can't lose.

I'm watching Showgirls This is the funniest movie ever to grace the silver scree, though in this case it's more of a white screen. Well.. white floor. But only half white. it's not that good. Why am I watching it, you ask?

Why aren't you watching it?

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