September 6th, 2004

Cthulhu Joyce


I hate buyers remorse. I just purchased a new computer from Dell. When I say "purchased" I mean they gave me $1500 credit to buy a computer and I used $1288 of that (including shipping). What's great is that my job extends me the ability to pay for it with little impact on my bills.

Have I mentioned how amazing my father is for paying my school loans?

Sims 2 comes out on the 14th.
Cthulhu Joyce


I have breeched Pandora's box.
Her delicate fragrance paralyzes me;
Autonomic and reactionary salivation -
this is pleasing to many parties.

Draining hope into a flute
I grasp at the cusp of stalwart
masculinity and engorged femininity.
I am warming her ever so slightly
between thumb and forefinger
as the seasoned veteran
with ferociously subtle hands.
Her tempered body and threading rivulets
on my appetence explain
the gravity of what is done.

The beast is loose.
Even as I imbibe hope -
too timid to replace
it in it's fragile demijohn -
my world is lost.
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