August 8th, 2004

Cthulhu Joyce


The darkness unfolds,
I have no light and the sweaty smell
of fear is my only companion.
Night blindness, uncaring beast of loneliness
and the twitching sensation
of being followed are in my hand.
a step and an echo.
Clatter ,
a step and an echo.
Pipes and darkness and the steam
of my breath takes the last moment
to realize I am not alone.

"Got a light?"

If I could describe it -
I am agape with holes.
No, I have no light.
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Cthulhu Joyce


The power in my name over your name
is that of untold millions.
The labor that has gone into
each stroke, the coming
of each letter - sharp, licentious
and fleeting all - drives the sane man
into a schizoid frenzy over me.

I, abject lust, mean everything.
You, object paraphernalia,
scrape and bite and wince as I
draw myself onto paper and
Say your name.

You are no comprehension,
a phrase devoid of personality,
When I write your name,
it isn't about eroticism,
about violence, about rape.
I write your name on your arm,
over and over and over,
not heeding the writhing
and moaning and tears.
Reducing you to sobs
is about overpowering you;
You name...
it is agonized,
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    My lustful mind