June 27th, 2004

Cthulhu Joyce


Fox, Anna and I went to the humane society yesterday to being the (annoyingly) long process of adopting a cat yesterday. Now, when I say a cat I mean we originally decided to get one cat about a month ago. Then, we started talking. We both want a pet that we can give more attewntion to with the cat having "one" human to really imprint on. So we figure that two cats would be a good idea. Cats keep each other happy while she and I are working. Plus we can give more attention to one animal. Essentially, we each have our own cat.

Off to the shelter we go.

So many cats. So very many cute cats that are all little piles of fur and adorable and kitty piles are the best thing ever and I want them all cause they're in cages.... Sigh. There were about 12 kittens ready for adoption. So cute. Fox talked me out of a kitten as kittens get adopted really easily. Older cats are less likely.

We asked the adoption lady about adopting two cats. After we filled out the forms (I was unaware that would-be owners get screened) the lady suggested we adopt two siamese. No

No no. Siamese, while very pretty, are some of the most foul tempered cats ever. Adopto-Lady had to give only of them meds while we were there. The Siamese sliced her hands up pretty well and adopto-lady decided against it for the time being. No Siamese for us.

Instead, Fox homed in on the brightest cats in the room - a very vibrant orange. They were lounging in their cage. They were inqusitive and let us pet them and immediately nipped at our hands in a playful manner. Fiesty kittys are great. I think we're going to get those two.

But, we also saw the happiest Maine Coon cat there. Such a lovely animal.

Now, I've always wanted a Maine coon. The males can get to be about 20lbs if you feed them right - and that's not a fat cat. It's a large, lean cat. I want it. I really want it. She's 3 years old, so still has some growing to do. She looked about 8-10 lbs. Very fluffy and really liked us. Thus, two cats may have turned into three cats.

Otherwise, Fox and I may be adopting a purebred Maine Coon from a breeder in Burlington - but purebreds are stupid expensive. Like, new computer expensive even for "pet quality."

Now we wait. The humane society will call when they have screened our application. They say it takes 24-48 hours. See I'm hoping that we get a call today. I doubt though. Sigh.

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Cthulhu Joyce

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A pressure is building in my head.

I am getting images flashing through my mind but none of them make sense. I think they are all part of something, but I don't know what.

I can't pin them down.

I can't write them down.

I can't draw them out.

I'm 36 seconds away from freaking out completely.
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