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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
It is raining.

I'm on a nornmal schedule which preclides me from actually seening many people. It is lame, but shall ease the transition to worker bee. I have made it to the final rounds of interviews for epi, three of three (a triology of interest). I am willing to bet that tis is a, most assuredly, good thing. They got back to me in two days which probably speaks well. I am curious if they liked my scores on the tests they gave me.

I was given logic tests. Qusetions like: How many minutes to 6:00 is it if 50 minutes ago it was four times as many minutes past 3;00? (That's verbatim, I know because I stared at it for 2 minutes straight). THey also gave me the: "I have two coins that add up to 55 cents and one is not a nickle" question. I felt dumb that it took me so long to remember that the answer is word play.

They also gave me this really nifty test where they taught me their in house programming language, MIIS. It started basic and worked up to long strings of codefor which I had to provide an end result. It was invigorating and fun.

The HR person laughed at my anticipated salary answer on the application. she said not to sell myself short, which I guess I did. I don't know how this stuff works yet. Nathan said I shoud have put 35,000 down and he's right. With my measely 21,000 I can survuve and still save money. HR Lady (Nan Letter. I like her name) said that they pay software testers significantly more than 21,000 and pay is based on my skills. Go me.

The third interview promises more tests plus two more interviews and something else that I don't recall at the moment.

So, if Oak Ridge doesn't pan out (or even if it does and I like epic too much) I may be moving to a better place in Madison (If Iris gets fed up with her job and applys to Epic like she's thikning) or to a better place in Janesville - the median between rockford and Madison.

I ponder Coyote and let it flow. Just cool to let you all know what's up with me.

Burdick leaves on the 4th. Exciting for all involved.


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