August 17th, 2003

Cthulhu Joyce


The new freshlings are nifty people. Lotsa nice happy people, but I second moocowrich when he says there are too man jock types. Lotsa baseball and soccer players it looks like. But but, I jave found a will-be bsffa. He recognized the Scott Card book I was reading and we talked about the series for about ten minutes. Also, moocowrich says he found one too. Diana's friends from CLS are here as well and they were discussing LARP. We could have a decent crop though I do not like Diana's CLS clique.

THings are good at the moment, but work is hella busy. Poor Nathan has to fill in for Linda because she's gone for the third week this summer .

I told Joshu about my weapons (said I had a few) he said he didn't care after he told me "You're not supposed to have those." Though I didn't mention the Claymore specifically.
For my own chagrin- My blade list:

1. Isis Dagger (kris blade)
2. Lionheart Dagger
3. Weird Demon Dagger
4. Three Throwing Axes
5. Six Throwing Knives (two sets)
6. Two Bracer Daggers
7. One Folding Dagger
8. One Cerrated Sickle (purely for ritual)
9. One Claymore (a luscious five feet tall)

Total Blades: 17

I think dream_speaker has more than me though. Hmm.. I think I like weaponry too much. I'd really like to get some Starfire blades.

You know, I wonder why I got so few responses to my previous entries on spirituality and such. Kinda wonder why I get so few responses in general. How many people even read this?

Edit: Oh yeah... I have a cane sword too.
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