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They come to ME for advice.

I enjoy that I have a job where a day of meetings is actually quite fun and engaging. I keep getting invited to design sessions and overviews and goodies like that. My coworkers value my advice. i just got out of a design session. One of our developers is developing a bad ass display feature for our reports that can be implemented for the entire software suite. We had some good ideas all together, plus we got to bash Microsoft which is always good.

Next week I rally the troops for more Usability testing of my application. I"ve got the surveys designed and ready to go out Monday morning. Hopefully that will go over better this cycle than last.

I feel I'm actually getting better at this.

At this particular time we're doing something called release testing. Our development is done for this cycle, that when developers make logs that we test. Release testing is where we pack all the stuff together and test the application as a whole rather than the specific changes being made. It's probably the most boring part of our job. It's also the time we all get into dozens of other projects because we all hate release testing. Each QAer gets assigned an area, like a report or a small work flow, that we test in depth. If something breaks or works unexpectedly, we write up notes and submit to the developers. These notes get turned into logs for the next cycle, assuming they're important enough to fix.

I have written a total of....
32 notes in the last 9 days.
Last release cycle I wrote 10 to 12. So, either the software is getting worse or I'm getting better at this. :)

I'm also very glad that I'll be in an application camp next month. New stuff to learn. More money earned. Gotta love that.
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