The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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Application information

George Mason University
Online Application:
Department Specific Materials:
Deadline: January 1st
Application fee: $60
Status: Not Started

Old Dominion University
Online Application:
Department Specific Materials: Unspecified
Deadline: January 15th
Application fee: $40
Status: Not Started

University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Online Application:
Department Specific Materials:
Deadline: Februray 1st
Application Fee: $35
Status: Not Started

University of California - Berkeley
Online Application: (I can reactiveate my previous application)
Department Specific Materials:
Deadline: December 15 (how do I get them GRE Subject info on time???)
Application fee: $60
Status: Not Started

Total Fees: $195 (not including GRE subject test cost and resubmit of old test scores)

    Tasks To complete
  1. Print Departmental materials
  2. Register with all on-line application sites
  3. Figure out who needs what information>
    • Statement of purpose?
    • Summary of research?
    • Specific types of recommendation letters

  4. Breathe

7 months to get the applications done. I want to get them all done by December to get them in really early and out of mind. It will take a month (apparently) to score the subject test. So, earliest it will orobably get out is mid-December. I must remember to call Berkeley December 5th to check my status adn explain when I took the subject test if it has yet to arrive.

    Other Tasks
  1. Other Programs?
  2. Study for GRE Subject
  3. Register for GRE
    • Registration begins in August

  4. Take GRE November 12th (most likely date based on previous dates
  5. Retake GRE general? (is 1300 good enough?)

I have 4 months to study for the subject test. Should be good. I already have a test book. I need to find good study materials that I can take to the gym. An hour or so 4-5 times a week for 4 months gauranteed? Pretty good since that's not counting other study time.

Any idea what books would be good? I'm thinking general psych texts, pretty much. :|

Looks like a lot, but I've already taken a big step just by organizing everything.

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