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Little to say. I'm typed out from the last few grad school posts.

  • I have been booted from the application camp I wanted.
    1. This means no $500 bonus next month when it would have been especially useful.

  • I have requested access to one of four other application camps for July and August.I've been approved for this option.
    1. If approved, that means $1000 bonus in August September, slightly later than wanted but much, much better

  • Vampire: the Requiem is fantastic. It isn't as stat driven and offers much better political role playing opportunities.
    1. I think I'll join Four Winds when it's back up.
    2. feodoric: could you send me the V:tR Bloodlines pdf if you have it? While I really like those offered in the core, I think I want to play with it a bit.
    3. I'm sad the Setites were removed.
    4. Malkovians? Was the name change necessary?
    5. I guess St. Louis by Night is up and running on Requiem rules.

  • Regardless of the many political problems with GMU and VA in general, I still want to go.
    1. Thanks for your concern.
    2. Please stop offering warnings. I realize the state is conservative and the university as well. I'm willing to forge through that for a good program

  • Time to start gathering application material. :|
    1. Trying to avoid thinking about paying for grad school. O_O
    2. Need to Email Beloit's Psych department soon. See who still exists.

  • I finished the first draft of the logo I mentioned the other day. No word yet on what needs to change. I'll post it later for all to see.
  • smed: I'll be in Chicago this Saturday to visit the expatriate sibling. Sorry. :( We'll have to arrange a trip to the Zoo or something.

    beloitst: What are the benefits for joining the Cam, minus having access to all the games? The site is down and I'm curious. Also, will the new LARP book change the rules around such that I'll have to buy that book to play properly? I like the adpated table top rules being used now.

Edit: While You Were Out is filming on/near University Ave this week, apparently.
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