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I really dislike having head colds. Well, kinda a combo throat-head-sinus cold. They're lame. It's putting a damper on my otherwise nifty mood.

I've realized what I really dislike about making comics. The writer never gets recognition. Today at lunch I was very sad because dragonflyknight took all the credit for a character design when I wrote the description and applauded the tweaks he made to the design. While, yes, it happened to look like William Gibson (now to be refered to as 7eh G1bx0r) in the end, he failed to mention our conversation where I pointed it out and said "Fuckin' awesome". Is this a problem? I've always wanted to get recognition for things I've done especially when people like them.

Now, I'm not faulting him, I'm just sad. Writing is hard too. I have to balance action and panel structure and have a constant picture of scenes to come. Just because there are pages without text doesn't mean the writer ceased to exist (unless you do it Marvel style). I think I need to learn to draw before I start the comic that's been percolating in my head for six months. My name will be on the comic too, damn it.

Is this too whiney? Am I being a prick? Artists are more visible so it is inevitable that writers be obfuscate. I suppose I need to become an Ennis, who is known as an amazing comic writer. People don't notice his artists as much. I really need to be a Keith, artist and writer.

Anyway. The first draft of the comic is done and I feel both creatively drained and energized. I don't really want to edit it, though it needs much editing. Thing will end up being 17 pages, about 6 panels per page. I think I used too many splash pages, 3 or 4. Is that too much in a 17 page comic? I got lazy at parts and wanted to get a lota stuff out of the way, that means splash with a fair amount of text. I was worried the comic would be less than the projected 15. But, I got to an action sequence and that eats pages real quick. Nothing like slicing apart a security program literally. i love you cyber-punk (Thanks be to you, 7eh G1bx0r, creator of amazingness).
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