The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

New programs.

New programs under consideration:

Old Dominion University
Human Factors
Location: Norfolk, VA (>2 from Richmond and >.5 hours to Virginia Beach)

Reasoning: Ergonomics has yet to spread fully west as a research based degree in America. Subsequently, the Ph D programs are relegated to East Coast areas. Also, Fox and I have recent met an extremely friendly group of people from ishtar_star's LARP group this weekend. She and I were both enamored with these folks pretty instantaneously.

Of Note:The department has a new Human Computer Interaction
and Usability Analysis lab, a state-of-the art driving simulator,
psychophysiological recording equipment, an animal lab, and other
research facilities. A close collaboration with the Virginia Modeling,
Analysis and Simulation Center provides students with opportunities to
engage in command and control simulation, surgical simulators, and
virtual reality research. The psychology faculty and graduate students
also maintain active collaborations with NASA Langley Research Center,
with Eastern Virginia Medical School, the Center for Pediatric
Research, and the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters, and
community and government groups, such as Virginia Department of Motor
Vehicles, Department of Public Health, and Tidewater AIDS Crisis

Tentative consideration:
George Mason University -
Location: Fairfax, VA

Reasoning: Good university with many programs, some new that suggests pioneering attitude in psychological study. Looks like it "has it all."

Of Note:The Human Factors/Applied Cognitive labs include
numerous workstations for computer display and data collection, several
eyetrackers, several simulators [including a cockpit simulator] and
human electrophysiology; a Near Infrared Imaging System is planned for
the very near future. Industrial/Organizational research space includes
laboratory space for work on groups, teamwork, and leadership.

Why tentative: It's located about six feet from DC, which is a very crime-ridden area. I have rarely heard good things of DC and know nothing of Fairfax. Anyone lived in DC recently?
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