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An attempt

To cover two weeks of "things."

The fact that I said I would makes me really not want to. However, let's see what I can pull out.

Last week was pretty harsh. I signed up to bail out a customer due to sever hemorraghing. This has become a terrible, terrible mistake. I have much to do. I must complete the following task over this week.
    Top ten reasons why I prefer QA work:
  1. Learn our billing application that has little interaction with my application.
  2. Read 3 years of release notes (785 of 'em)
  3. Distill this list to "the most important notes" which is jargon for "everything that the customer needs to test."
    Side note: Customers need all of them, which is why we make release notes. I suppose I could not do the enhancement ones, which is about a fourth of them, but enhancements cause the most trouble, necessitating test.
  4. Test my entire application on site
  5. Field questions/help guide the implementation for the next month for the customer
    Side Note: I'm not an implementor.
  6. Teach the new customer team how to set up my application
    Side Note: I'm not an implementor.
  7. Build security classes for the user.
    Side Note: I'm not tech services.
  8. Build user roles for customer
    Side Note: I'm not an implementor.
    Side Note: I'm not tech services.
  9. Teach customers how to use my application.
    Side Note: I'm not a Trainer.
  10. Fill in for the customer's lead TS guy who won't be there until FRIDAY.
    Side Note: We leave Friday afternoon.

Needless to say, this is going to be a rough week. It's likely that this will be easier than I expect, but I suppose having bad standards ensures less disappointment. What's really worrisome is that I don't have a car assigned. The guy with the car will be elsewhere in the afternoons. Thus, I'm at the mercy of the customer to get me back to the hotel. I can't leave unless someone there takes me there.

Much of last week surrounded prepping what I could for this. Ditto today and tomorrow; I fly out tomorrow afternoon and return Friday night. This weekend is going to be the best weekend ever known to mankind.

This last weekend was the visit from the quasi-in-laws. This wasn't a bad thing in the slightest, just hectic. I"m impressed how much "stuff" you can pack into a single weekend - plus how much money can be bled from an account. Let's see.. what did we do.... Gilmore girls, pizza, 5 hours of mall shopping, dinner at the chop house, cambridge ren faire, noodles, many hours on state street, mormon church, spanglish, more shopping. This list isn't exhaustive. However, Iris said on Sunday that she felt like she was able to relax at work.

I managed to buy clothes everyday this weekend with all the shopping, plus meals that I bought. Ditto that for Iris. We probably dropped a grand or so in this weekend. Oops. It was fun though. They're such great people... but, lord... they can shop with the best of them. Problematically, we kept each other going even when we wanted to relax. We'd ask if the other was okay, which would be followed by that "I don't want to hurt their feelings" facial expression and a quick "No, that's ok." Needless to say we interpreted each other's question not as "I want to stop" but as "Do you want to stop, because I still have ten dollars in my bank account that will commit suicide if I don't spend it fast enough."

Also this weekend, I began to seriously consider buying a house. At this particular time, I could make a killing in real estate speculation given the growth expected in Verona. However, tis means that I need to figure out where the town will grow, find a house I can afford, get a loan, get a down payment, get an agent and not in that order. I've decided, though, that it might be good to buy a house adjacent to a soon-to-be-developed plot. That way, when I want to sell in a year or so, it will be in a new area where people will be looking. That may help my chances of selling at increased value. But, that's all very preliminary at this point. I know nothing about buying a home, less about where to buy one and how to go about selling one off. On the plus side, even if the value increases minimally, we could probably pay off Iris' loans and still have money to move where we're going with some left to buy a nice dinner. I expect we can make, at worst, 30k assuming the market doesn't collapse or some such apocalyptic situation.

I'd worry, though, about getting stuck. I expect to be here for at least a year longer. But, unless I go to UW-Madison, owning a house could be a burden. Iris might explode if we settle too. But I have to admit... the idea of creating a life... well. It's really appealing. I mean, we could decorate how ever we want. Plant gardens. Have neighbors, parties, loud sex, blaring music... all without landlords or thin walls or anything you get with apartments. I mean, as much as my job can be rough, I really like it. It pays well and (I hope) increases as my needs and desires increase. i love the town, the people. I'd really like it, maybe too much. I don't want to lose the dream.

I don't want to lose the dream.

But... What is the dream now? That's the important question that I don't think I want to face right now. Wow. I'm actually panicking a little while I think about it.
I think I'm done for now.
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