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Finally, the week has passed. Glory be to the newly begotten weekend and the inevitable party it holds in succulent little digits.

I took pencil to paper last night for the first time in many months. I was... ok with the results. I'm trying very hard to remind myself that I'm not perfect at this yet. However, I drew my hand well enough that it looked like hand as well as some Penny Arcade style hands. With effort, I can indeed produce things that I like by hand. But, it seems my skill is not up to snuff for any sort of project. Especially since proportions are, well, poo on a stick. And not that good UCB kind of poo stick.

I seem to have developed an understanding for perspective that wasn't there the last time I tried to draw. This baffles me enough that I'm reconsidering my distaste for Piaget, whose theories say that certain reasoning adn spatial awarenesses essentially develops spontaneously. My favorite way to summarize some of his theory: One day you believe that size is the only thing that matters. Then the next, you know that size is not an indicator of certain qualities. It's volumetric, people, honestly.

Suffice it to say, I can draw basic backgrounds in Illustrator just fine, including minor ambient lighting. But I'm lacking in process right now. I don't know waht to draw first to make it all combine nicely, especially with any sort of non-symetrical paneling. Things just don't fit right not matter what the panel size. These details are driving my crazy... when I think about them as details rather than process points I learn along the way. Part of this could be that I haven't written a script at all, so I haven't got an organization to follow.

I persevere I suppose. One of these days I'll get where I want to be. For now, I should be writing scripts at the very least. That way, when I can, I'll be able.

I also bought Tekken % because of this. Getting Iris interested in Video Games is makes me really happy for some reason.

Now, off to find a person whom I know not where she lives to see that new Orlando Bloom movie.
Tags: art, drawing, introspection, poo stick, video games, video games - tekken
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