The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Today is "mop up" day.

Mop up day is the day where I hound all the developers to fix the nigling issues I've had and they were too busy to fix.
Already today: 1 down, half a dozen to go.

Ad Hoc reporting says that I've done more logs than anyone else on my team this release cycle.
Me: 120
Second: 102
Third: 74 <-- Three people tied here, including crazy guy.

Take that. Though I imagine much is because I'm not doing six bajillion things at a time.

I heart my superhero icon. You should all make similar superheor icons for yourselves.

I also heart gmail signatures. Here is mine:
An electron sheath.
Here, data flies like the crane
of digital spring.

So excited about seeing people this weekend.
nathan_lounge: Iris is working until 10 or 11 Saturday. So we'll be down there late, but we ARE coming down for boozing night and will stay over for graduation.. if we even sleep.
Any alcohol requests? My real job allows for real alcohol. :) I intend on bringing some vodka, of course....

What's this? The Deadline Beast has temporally relocated? The effectivness of my commrades in arms in peril? From across the work, I hear the cries of Crazy Guy. He is over-worked and still cannot find succor for the newly relocated Deadline Beast. Fear not, Crazy Guy, for I am Mr. GO-TO-GUY (bah-nan-na-naaaah)! I shall assuage the beast for you!

Deadline has been pushed back a day. Still, I step up too help peole in need. I've signed on to three big projects for the coming months.

I fear my enjoyment of GTG is going to ovewhelm my posts from now on. Surely, I'll grow tired of silly superheros.
Have you made your superhero icon yet?
Tags: art-poetry, beloit, gmail, haiku, work - deadlines, work - go-to-guy
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