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The dregs, a noxious mix of satisfaction and Molotov Cocktail, are all that remain. It is what I refer to as "Zero hour" even though the deadline isn't until tomorrow, 8am. I refuse to accept these "morning" cut off points, rather convincing myself that everything must be done by the time I leave the day before. I'm ahead of schedule. There are those who will be here very, very late tonight.

Subsequently, I have little to occupy my time right now. I have beaten The Deadline Beast once again.

I finally finished a round of disc golf yesterday. It was lovely. By the end i understood the the physics of one of my new disc, and berated another for trying to fly like an Ultimate disc when it is not such. The coworker with whom I played does not like silence. I think he equates silence to discomfort. I was getting into my normal quite groove, saying little beyond "good shot" or "bad curve." I think he mistook that for discomfort with the situation, or potentially he just tries hard to be amiable. Nevertheless, I feel mildly guilty that I wasn't more talkative but I didn't see the need for such idle chit-chat.

On the other hand, I feel much more satisfied having completed a round. The course is fun. Enough trees to be difficult and enough worn paths so you can find your disc when you hit those trees.

Also, I must mention questingfalcon in this section, or he'll berate me for not doing so.

I've actually sold the "I'd do him" tee, which is astounding. First that people weren't offended and second that people would want something I've made. I'm seriously considering opening more stores or getting a real CafePress account to offer more of my stuff in more options.
Furthermore, my store was linked in porphyre which is crazy. She has hundreds of readers who may now see that shirt for sale.

I guess it just goes to show the sacrilege is a good investment.

Note to adsartha: Call Fox before you leave so she knows when to expect you.
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