The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Stalking the savage cube-lands

What calls in the distance? Is it plight for the overworked white collar? Screams! Turmoil! NO OVERTIME PAY??
No! I shall save you, I can give you your freedom - freedom to sleep and eat and take bathroom breaks uncramped by pressing deadlines!
Fear not the stacked pile of logs. I can take them! Fear not the back-to-back meeting, I have not been trapped by the encroaching Corporate Zeitgeist. No. For I am Mr. GO-TO-GUY (bah-nan-na-naaaah)!

Let me save your from your job!
Mr. GO-TO-GUY Strikes again! (bah-nan-na-naaaah)!

I can see where Scott Adams can get his material. I'm liking this concept way too much.

Does it look poorly upon me that I keep asking for more logs? I mean, it shows that I want to help, but could be seen as me not getting enough work to begin with. I'm certainly hoping that it's more of a "step up to the plate" look rather than "you're obviously not pulling your weight to begin with." Corporate logic seems like it could justify that.

What would you corporate types say? been in this sort of a situation.
Tags: work, work - go-to-guy
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