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Whee - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Ok ok ok. So the last post was shocking. That's good. I did it because I need to feel more comfortable with my body. Generaly this is the case. I think I ot caght up in the frenzy of the freedom from Sunday. I started by taking that picture for lady_fox as it is something she would appreciate. I had the strong impulse to post it on LJ afterward for reasons unspecificed.

As it stands, I am much more likely to follow impulses as they generally are good for me, barring the "Let's spend a hundred dollars on EZ Cheese" impulse that comes once every few years. I do believe the sough afyter outcome that the impulse was seeking was more awareness of my body and how it is silly to be hung up on appearances. Yes, I am overweight. Yes, this is changing. I should accept this and understand that I'm still very attractive. : ) I told this reasoning to Gordo(a)(i)(e)n last night and he was incredulous at me. However, he wishes I weren't straight at times so he has bias. :)

Regardless the overall effect of that post was me enjoying my body. It will make Beltaine far, far easier now that I think about it to be good with nudity in general. In fact, haveing the Webcam (working steadily) up is forcing me to be less bashful. Though I still cover the lense when I shower and change. It's more that lady_fox doesn't care. I admire that and am accepting of it and it will lead to better times at Beltaine. Huh, seems all is faling into place. A nice side effect of the Shirtless post is that most people I know are embarassed for me, which is really damn silly. Furthermore, I rendered moocowrich effectively speechless and that impresses me. Any has yet to be really, truly offened or at least open about being so offended.

If this is the case please speak with me for I wish to know why you are offended. The post will not come down, I like it too much. Nor will Sunday 7:00pm cease to be Shirtless O'Clock for me.

Go here to understand the origin of Shirtless O'Clock.

Go here to view the reaction of the unenlightened.

Spoke with Gordo(a)(e)(i)n last night for two hours. I only feel moderately (as in one step abovea negligible amount) bad about keeping him away from Anna; rather keeping Anna away from him. The conversation was a long time coming and he shall be a very good guide for me in the near future. 'Twas a good thing.

Otherwise, I be good, yo

Come follow me now... You know this is the way.

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Current Music: E-Type - Forever Wild

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moocowrich From: moocowrich Date: February 24th, 2004 01:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
The post was pretty fucking cool, I was just surprised because it doesn't seem like something you'd do.

I'm all for it, yo.
From: stillmyst Date: February 25th, 2004 12:27 am (UTC) (Link)
In agreement with comment of Rich. My basic reaction was amusment, though a little fear of your naked hony cracker-esque body was present... I was momentarily blinded. However, I still think you're cool, and I promise I'll respect you in the morning.
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