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Let's just rip all the humanity out of my emotion....

I am generally pleased. Things of any sort have been going well. Work is work, by definition, but I'm pretty much done with everything and the deadline is a week away. I think I'm going to ditch out early today as the apartment had a minor explosion with the manifestation of a new, highly comfortable bed. The bed is so confortable in fact, that I slept through my alarm; thus, I was late to work. I would like to mention, however, that my "late" is still early enough to get here before 3/4 of my team.

I've got nothing else. I'm not feeling especially intellectual, really. The days have been filled with work, putting practice, exercise and that weird project I'm doing on Electra. I think tis is as close as I can get to contentment. I guess I could say I feel complete when I'm doing all these things. I enjoy the projects and the mild agitation from work - which is perplexing at best. I'd say it boils down to accomplishment.

I think I've gotten myself to the point where accomplishing work or projects or what have you is my status quo. That is, I'm unhappy unless I'm going something. And unless I'm doing many things and successfully so, I"m content. thats problematic. My happiness seems to be intertwined with overwork.

I think I need to establish my definitions of contentment and happiness.

I equate the two (as experimental psychologists are wont to do) with a measurable source, namely the degree of smile I have when I think about my current affairs. If I can think of all the things I'm doing and their current level of success and smile a little - the type of smirk we get when watching children fall on ice, that's contentment.

If my smile creases my eyes a little, or causes a chuckle or a sense of "wow" (this inludes how I hold my eyes open [an astonishment scale, actually]) this is happiness. I suppose I'm only really happy when I'm function at a level just below my worst moment in college.

I don't think this level of activity is feasible any more, not with jobs and workouts earing up to 10 hours a day. We can't all have vicalis's life style.. unless we too have Future Sam's trust fund. ;) I'd like to redefine these things. Perhaps migrating my current definition of "happiness" to "accomplishment" or "excellent success,' because I am obviously very successful. And my definition of contentment is really more aligned with society's definition of "happiness." No sense in being an odd ball when it causes me such grief, even if it is mild.

Side bar: yes, I do have degrees of facial expression that a catalogue with degrees of emotive projection. I'm aware that makes me really weird. Shut up! I just like t be consistent in how I view myself, and thus how others see me. Problematically, most of my reactions include much brow furrowing that others read as "Oh shit, he's angry again." I think I need to work on that. My self analysis may be interfering with honest emotional expression.

Right.. who needs humanity. Oiy. I'm almost a robot

Question: Anyone else using FireFox having trouble entering comments recently? I think soe of the comment entry enhancements have been selectively breaking LJ depending on commetn security.... Good lord, I'm QAing lj now....

You all must take this. I must know my enemies and equals.
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Apparently I can also be a Starving Artist. Hard to be starving when you're actively trying to drop weight.
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