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Results of bed shopping:

Miraculously, we found an extremely comfortable mattress set for half price at Slumberland's clearance section. It is squishy and not bouncy and the right size. And it cost $448 for the whole thing. We also found a four poster + canopy bed frame. We get to put up our Moroccan bedroom curtains again! Yay!

Dutifully, we bought a gorgeous, satin comforter and pillow cases and 500 count cotton sheets. Our bed, come Thursday, will be so luxurious. Awesome. And a great deal, all told. Totally worth dipping into my camera fund.

Weekend plans:
If smed comes down (over, by up?) is in the air. Poor girl's life puzzle has change it's picture, and must be rebuilt. Fox and I are sending good vibes your way adn trying to find the piece off with which that racoon ran. :(

We're also sending "we're gonna school you when we bowl" vibes, just to inure you to the whole traumatic experience.

Serouisly, we'll be here if you need us.


I think that the level of enjoyment plotted against familiarity with the book series are inversely related. As a book adaptation, it's a horrific failure. As just a weird, quirky British humor movie, it's pretty funny. I did like it, but I noted all the glaring holes where the best jokes were removed and patched with twists Classic Hollywod Paradign tripe. Regardless, I did like it even if the atcing was spotty at best... Well, Arthur was perfect and Zaphod's acting was as I pictured it - even if the character was raped by a yeti in the script.

Philosophers thought
washed away by children's hands.
Tilted etch-a-sketch.
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