The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


"I don't want to work. i just wanna bang on my drum all day."

Dustin, a guy with whom I work, has discovered we both like Napoleon Dynamite. Thus, he keeps sticking his head in my cube and spouting random quotes at me. As well, he has started appending emails (as have I) with quotes. I think he's starting to treat me less like a coworker and more like a friend.

I'm DREAMING about disc golf now. It's getting kinda weird. It had better be nice enough this weekend. I'd like to hit the course today but waaay too cold, durn it. Maybe tomorrow if it's warmer now that my game was canceled. Can't on Friday because of the Epic anniversary dinner. Maybe Saturday before Fox and I go bed browsing at American in the hopes of finding a sleep number type bed. They do better financing.

Now I'm just stalling.

Car needs servicing according to my dashboard. Yehaw. Glad I'm still under warranty for 30k more miles. Geez. I just get it back and something takes it away from me. :(

Bored bored bored.
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