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</p>I'm trying to convince myself that panaceas do not exist. Rather, working brings solutions. Still, I want the new camera sooner than it's coming. To follow that, finding motivation to go out and use it. That will prove to be the hardest part, however much better on the wallet than shopping every weekend. 'Course, I like pictures of everyday_people. However, urban_decay is just a cool, but somewhat more difficult to find in Madison.

I need to learn how to take seruptitious pictures of people adn daunting images of necropolises. I admit the prospect of learning something new like that is getting me really jazzed. I think I may pick up a book on digital SLR photography to learn just what the hell F-stop does. I have ideas, but they are inklings adn have yet to burgeon into something better.

Needless to say, I'm reallly excited over getting a digital SLR. I've convinced myself that I haven't the money to spend, which is wrong. I just want to make sure that I have the funds for the trip in September. So close. My bonus next month should get me within 2 or 3 hundred dollars, depending on fiscal responsibility in the ensuing month. Perhaps if I just dump everything I need into savings adn go from there. I tend to forget my savings account exists unless some minor strife sparks. Unlikely, but waht ever. May be easier in the long run and it's always good to work with how I understand myself to function. I know I'm weak when it comes to buying things like clothes adn DVDs, so I need to avboid situations when that happens.

Honestly, it is an addiction of sorts. Situations, places, people adn emotional states are all triggers to a new raving. Identifying the triggers is hard, but avoiding them is hardest. However, if I've learned my binging habits adn learned to avoid them, I think I can avoid the buying impulse too. It's all the same.

THough part of the success to lessening my eating habits is the near-immediate satisfaction I get from weight loss. Much harder to find reinforcement for not buying goodies. Thus, I must create rewards that are equal in reinforcement as actually buying the DVDs but not as impactful on the wallet. Note: disc golf will be excellent for this. It's near my gym, so could substitute for going to the mall. It's extra calories burned adn highly meditational for me. God, I hope the weather warms up soon.

Etc. etc.
I worked out so hard today that I, literarly, burned more calories than I ate before 6 o'clock tonight. I think I've only ingested like 6oo calories from the slice.five of thin pizza I ate for dinner. I should probably eat something else so my body doesn't rebel.

Felt great afterward though. Endorphines.
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