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Note: Too damn cold for golf, even though it is nice adn bright out.

Spent an excellent night with Genghis, M'ris, Buddah and Baity... the quartet of nameless as I was calling them last night. I figure in a year or two I won't even remember their real names, except for M'ris whose nick is a contraction of the indescribably difficult to say "Marissa..."

We went to an after part party where the UW students played shitty music and we drank beer while making jokes at the expense of others. You know, illuminated tête-è-tête that all liberal arts students engange in when in bars. Gossip as well. T'was an intelligent night and still fun to boot. :) Actually, the highlight for me was thet genghis said that Fox adn I had out dressed them all without even trying. That was nice. I was wearing the outfit above adn feeling especially dapper. Buying clotes has become incredibly enjoyable.

Yesterday was my first experience buying clothes with big "M's" plastered on the label. I'm an Emm! No more Ell or Xell! I remember the days when I was XXXEll which, sadly, were not days littered with pornography. Those were really bad days. I was so good at ignoring it, saying that I wasn't fat or that baggy clothes really do look better on me. god, those were the days that I wore denim head to toe. Denim makes you look a bit thinner, thinner white trash, but thinner.

Good thing that only lasted.. er.. two years. Then I got depressed and when you don't eat for three months well... Not a very good summer, that. I will say about that experience that it's amazing what hormones and mean girls can do to you. However, depression certainly kick starts weight loss.. and low blood pressure. Not healthy but I honestly think it is exactly the sort of thing I needed to get where I am. Were it not for that person, I'd never have gone to Beloit, actually. I because I did, that person didn't and THAT is sweet justice. That person's life has been pretty bad since going elsewhere.

I'm a terrible person, I think.

Either way, I'm healthy and trim now. I make lovely pictures as well. An "M." Inconceivable. Fat people don't look good in shirts like this. Go figure. I'm only half shirt I can pull it off at the moment.

"Self delusion is pulling in your stomach when you step on the scales."
Paul Sweeney

In the barren flats where
sand does rise 'n effervesce
We sat and devolved to churlish verse.

While the mackaws called
and broke the morning sound
we laughed and played and tumbled 'round
sewing sand into our hair.

Stuck in our saccharine glow,
the globe's opening sore
cracked and gobbled below
our hideously inane score.

I hate rhyming. So there. :)
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