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THE Matrix

Watched "The Matrix" last night instead of giving myself the necessary time to fall asleep and still get 8 hours. I really hit me last night how absolutely amazing that movie is. It's a Structuralists dream. The Structuralists believe that any good piece of literature (movies work in this case because they just need words and sentences)has its themes so well ingrained into the progression that a person can take any line from any part of the movie and trace cause/effect and absolute (as in absolute value) reference to the story arc and major plot lines.

I spent the first half-hour of the movie giggling like a fiend at each line because I can trace where it was going and where it had been. That scene with Neo and Smith when Neo is bugged is so loaded with innuendo and foreshadowing. Oh Gods, it's great.

"You're my saviour Neo. My own personal Jesus Christ."

I've been in the library 30minutes. How much work done? Right. Zilch. Shouldn't I be thrilled that I'm actually doing "real" work. Is this my future, staring at me from a gridded notebook? It could be my future, at least a key to such.

Adsartha is off to visit evan this weekend. I'm jealous that Evan invites her down. I miss him too, knew him longer. Sigh, I should brave ICQ again to find his sorry ass.

Right right. To work. Only three hours till dinner. Dinner means stop working.

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