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To Do: become Mad Scientist

I need a to-do list for next semester. As we all know, I'm so done with both my majors barring one cool class and my senior reading. Consequently, I have free time out my ying-yang, up the wahzoo and extruding or being stuffed into/out of many orfices that doctors have yet to name. Therefor, I shall list the projects I wish to complete barring unequvocal laziness and/or video games.

1: Purchase Calligraphy or fountain pen set.
2: Use blank sketchbook as a practice pad for previosly purchased pen - prettify script.
3: Learn to play Digeridoo
4: Relearn how to circular breath so I can do 3.
5: Edit that damn book of poetry, yuo know the one you wrote that semester you disappeared? yeah, that one. Fix it.
5a: publish now edited book of poems (so easily said0
5b: Assuming 6a occurs, laugh at Shawn Gillen when you don't have to do a Senior Reading. Be admired by all.
6: Write new bok of poetry. Yeah, that "City Speak' idea you've been tossing around. Otherwise, get another thirty pages together.
7: Find camera, find buildings around Beloit for inspiration. Take picture
7a: Develop film, you ninny.
8: Send Sahkmet and St. Benedict to slipstream. (Piss in return envelop to remember they turned you down)
9: So much DDR that the tower falls over.
10: Spend more time in NLE (more like a resolution)
11: Avoid goatsex.
12: Get into Grad School (See title) and all the associated "where are you living" jazz.

Hmm.. Seems like the priority is good. : )
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