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Damn child actors.

You are Architecture.
You are the most functional art form and rarely do
anything without some practical purpose.
Although you are capable of easilly outstaging
the other arts, you usually prefer to go

What form of art are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I think it's suitable. I especially like the part about out doing the rest.. see that, see? I'm better than all of you! Ha.

Saw Peter Pan today. Very pretty, very pleased with Hook/Mr. Darling's acting. Not so impressed by Peter's acting, however I generally don't care much for child actors. Like Haley Joel Osmet. I really really hate huim. Has anyone noticed that he can't act yet? They only reason that he is famous is because M. Knight Shalaamalamadingdong (Shyamalan) wrote a damn good movuie with Sixth sense.

Ok, so he's cute. Have you guys seen him in Secondhand Lions? Terrible. He's either wooden or crying (with those damn vibrating eyes). Lions, however, will only bolster his career because it was damn fun and the Michael Caine/Robert Duvall crotchety old man pairing was brilliant. Plus, throwing in cute, tame lions makes every movie better. (That would have made Look Who's Talking Now better, Nate. Talking Lion... that ate the children... and the dogs... and John Travolta unless he danced for two full hours in the background of the movie.)

Pay It Forward. Wooden or crying too, but Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey were a wonderful pairing. They were just holding up more for Osmet. I'm just glad he wasn't selected for Ender in the Ender's Game movie as I had heard consideration. (They chose a director, by-the-way.)

So there.... I have gone completely to left field with no hope of resolving anything that th quiz featured herein represents. Perhaps a differnt post.
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