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The journey.

I saw The Last Samurai today. (cough, ahem) ohmygodIhavenoitseenanyfightsceneslikethatforsolong. IwassothrilledwhenCruise'scharacterwhippedoutthedoublekatanaactionandhekilledthosefourpeopkleandthatlastguytriedtosneekuponhimandhecuthisheadoff.

I really like part of the message, as it is something that I was contemplating during the state of fear that Bush has kept us in during his regn of terror. Where has advancement gotten us, realy? How much of human inovation has been put into war and destruction. If we had never figured out gunpowder, how would our society be now?

I hope that as we continue to build our way out of this dark age we revert back to agrarian ways of life..... I had intended this to be different, but suffice it to say that I think the Samurai and the Native americans had the right ideas. THeir simpler life was better than where we are now. Hopwefully we can advance to a point to revert to these ways. Odd thought, but I think it has to be that or destroy the world, to which we inexorably progress.

I end with this: I really want to restart my life and live as the Samurai. I'm gonna go eat some spinache.
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