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My existence, being in question, is reaffirmed regardless of popular ideas. I am here, but havem't felt the desire to write; rather, I had sublimated my wants into school work and began to see this as another obligation. To quote a French proverb, (in English, because it's easier and more fun to see differewnces between languages) LiveJournal had become "the drop that overflowed the vase." In my off time, I didn't want to rehash my life especially since everyone who reads this is aware of my trials and travails. Why do I need to write everything out?

Na (well in german), it helps me to reflect (me reflechir in French) upon that which I have done or did not do. And I can relate amusing chautauquas (stories, of a sort with a more philosophical basis. An old American word.) though this in particular has little grander meaning. Not much of a story really, either. Flutterby and I were in Madison search out a didgeridoo for myself when we stopped quickly in front of the scary pizza place. I contemplated urination, felt guilty for only using the place for peeing and stepped on. As I turned about, I noticed a small beetle (about the size of a gnat) in the corner of my vision. It pitched and yawed (it's what planes do to turn) under my glasses and directly under my eyelid. I don't think I've ever had such a strong burning sensation in my eye. Thought I do probably compare it to a friend when I scratched his cornea with a piece of cardboard I was tossing to him. I quickly got over my guilty and bolted into the pizza place to flush out my eye. I think I need to get a slice from them, they were relatively nice about pointing the way to my salvation.

The key ingredient of thsi trip was not the eye-bug, though; rather the slaking of my didgeridoo craving that I have had nigh on 4 years. I couldn't really say, "No," to a $38 didgeridoo that looks as pretty as this one. I was so pleased with the price that I bought a tablecoth to better soften the Instruct room during my Exalted game.

(Tangent) The cloth is a chinese dragon colored blue, which I found uniquely suited for my game. In the last session The Imperial Fleet was assaulting Lookshy, and making quite good show of it. Now my players, having the fastest transport in the world (they aided in the construction of the first airship as well as started the Industrial Revolution in my Exalted world) flew between Nexus and Lookshy (Quite an enormous feet given the enormous distance)in a few hours gauging rescuing possibilities. Coming to the realization that they couldn't get people out, they decided they should flood the river attached to both cities to put out the large fires and hopefully wash away the fleet. They enlisted the help of the Nexus Mahe Academy (about thirtyf mages). These mages worked a five hour ritual that raised the elemental dragon of water to fly the river over all of Nexus and douse the fires at Lookshy. For these reasons, a blue dragon is superbly fitting.(/tangent)

The Didgeridoo is lovely, but I'm having problems playing it. I think the mouth hole may be too small but I could be just terrible all around. I shall practice, then investigate widening the hole. The trip was fantastic really, especially with wonderful food and extra purchases in Rockford. :)

Class... I do have classes, but no homework. I'm worried about impending avalanche, but I think I'll just try to stay ahead as I have been. More work now means less work in the future which leads to extra Soul Calibur during the interum.

I have no revelations. I have no insight. I have complaints, but I don't want to put them here right now. Life is really good, albeit stressed with Grad school apps right now. Does Seattle want me to pay for all four applications I'm putting in to the different programs? I think earthdotprime was right in her assertion that I'll need to make 12 copies by the end of this. That's just too much paperwork. Do I need letters of recommendation for each application? Can they be the same?

Whatever. I have other things to do.

No Transfer yet, Fox.

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