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Fall in!

THe last lights of the first day of classes. Though I did indeed rise before God, I shan't need to again. Lord White saw fit to do away with the fourth hour. Ghastly business, this awaking at seven. I would not wish it upon my worst enemies; although a good punishment, I do say I can think of better ways to torture my nemeses.

Major thoughts of the day:
1. Larry White has a remarkable resemblence to Dennis the Menace's father.
2. Thom Freeman is a gnome (Hobbit for the LotR folk). He's kinda like a teddy bear with a mix of maybe something evil, but spoke ruefully of the heightened drinking age. He had a penchant for teaching german drinking songs complete with beer.
3. 8am classes are not my cup of tea; rather, it is more like three cups of cappuccino guzzled precisely at 7:54:30
4. Iris is damn sexy in red.
5. John once again proved that he does not understand social situations and still eats one fry at a time while chewing noisily and contemplating the next fervidly.
6. Blinking lights look better not on the ceiling.
7. I clean my room far, far too frequently.
Finally 8. Three monitors makes me feel more isolated from people in my room.

I leave these sad and tired thoughts with the following LJ applet.

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Prowling over the plains, attacking with buzzsaw hand extensions, cometh Angrybunnyman! And he gives a mighty grunt:

"I'm going to spank you faster than the speed of sound!"

Find out!
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