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New Life Tentacle

OH NOES! I've used this title before! ;þ (I don't hate you Rich, I'm just jerky)

H.P. Lovecraft wants you to play this. He told me so.

Also it comes highly recommended by my coworkers, and they're all really huge geeks.
Text games are so Old Skool they were programmed in cuneiform.

I was up at 5am to take lady_fox into work. I feel marvelous. I also eat healthier when I have the time to pack a lunch. I didn't just grab the pizza we had. I made a happy turkey sammich (it's happiness will be severely diminished come lunch hour, though [AKA The Squawking Hour])and broccoli (it is very complacent about its fate).

I do hope this awakeness lasts through the evening. I think I can handle a "in-bed-by-10:30, up-at-5" schedule. Craziness. Why am I a morning person?

PS: genghisishippie is a damn hippie.

Edit: ohsochewy went to beloit, I found her through the communities nathan_lounge is complaining at me about (:þ). Silly conversation about spandex abuse on campus.
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