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Mmmm. Toast.

Geekiness is catching.

Maybe I should start titling these?

I'm tempted to post this in arty communities. Last time, though, I got reprimanded for lack of plot. But, then I did get kudos here. I'm not looking for critique. Billy's goodness or badness aside, I do them because they amuse me. That is the important bit. I find it funny and I have forum to share. It's so not even close to real craft, like this or this, say. (The five or six new people to this journal in the last week.5 should check these out and understand WHY you're here. :)) That neing said, I don't feel bad forcing them on you becaues I laugh every time I read them. ASt least I cut. It's not like this may offend any one... 'cept maybe _yungfuktoi_ but she hasn't been on in weeks and likely won't see these. ;)

Submitted for your approval.
Warren Ellis' new LJ: superflow I may poke in there, but that crowd is much better than I am at fanning him as he wishes to be fanned. I don't have any the grapes (that's a spectacular pun).

Necromance: I covet many of these things, I may even covenant.

I do not find interesting links on my own. This is a failing, especially considering how much time I spend on my computer. That failing occurs because LJ is pretty much all I do, what with the 20+ communties and 50+ friends that give me so much information. I did intentionally cultivate this addiction to write that book, ya know the one that had poetry like this or this in there.

I link myself way too much. _sterno_ is right. -1 point to me again. :)
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